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David Brown Automotive strives to offer everything and anything that a customer asks for, no matter how unique, and prides itself on offering a uniquely personal and knowledgeable service. It believes that no two of their cars will ever be the same, so as part of the customer specification process, customers are invited to engage with the design process, offering as many consultations as required, encouraging them to work with the company to develop their own exterior paint colours, unique interior trim and colour scheme.


Every David Brown Automotive customer is given access to their own personal online portal. Similar to a private and personalised blog, future owners are able to follow the progress of the build of their cars by way of regular updates, photography and videos of their car’s build, which even includes a countdown clock to delivery. This unique feature of David Brown Automotive’s service is something that all of our customers extremely enjoy, regularly commenting on the excitement generated by the steps to delivery shown by the portal. Particularly for customers living abroad, it’s a way of following the build of their car without having to plan regular travel to our Silverstone build facility.

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